May. 28th, 2013

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I had so many plans for this weekend. I was going to be productive! Really! But mostly I played WoW and avoided looking at the giant management guide Tamara and Doug want me to read in preparation for when they try to talk the AVP into paying for my PMP course and exam.

Gaming > career. Because that's a healthy way to live.

Cut because I highly doubt most of you care about my in-game life. )

This weekend some friends and various internet acquaintances were at Wiscon, and the panels they live-tweeted sounded really interesting and made me jealous that I wasn't there basking in other people's intelligence. Cons aren't my thing usually (I've been to exactly two), and I get overwhelmed by masses of people pretty easily these days, but [ profile] pocky_slash tells me Wiscon sets up quiet rooms and the like? So I'm seriously considering going next year. I'm not 100% committed to it yet, but it's at least a possibility at this point.

Last night I went through my memory box and cleaned out some things that I have no particular attachment to anymore. I didn't mean to do this - I only opened it to put my recent movie ticket stubs in, but there were some things on the top that immediately made me unhappy, so I sorted through the rest. One of the things I threw out was a letter an ex-friend wrote to me during class (from the contents, I surmised that I was away in Arizona at the time). I was confused as to why I still had it, because I stopped being friends with this guy halfway through sophomore year, but reading through it made me wonder why we were ever friends with him to begin with. I had to text Ashley about it, naturally, and we shared a what the actual fuck, younger selves? moment.

I also found my high school yearbook photo. Good golly, my hair was long when I was 18. Oh, and I guess I still had some other things left over from high school in there? Which found their way into the trash, too. Ain't nobody got time for that shit.

Going to try to make some progress on at least one writing project tonight. I'm still avoiding the big bang for now, so I'm not entirely sure what else I want to work on. Quick, someone decide for me!

Back to work, I guess. :(

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Lists! Lists are great. Here is a list of gdocs I've been poking at/would like to eventually poke at:

-trekthinger (Star Trek)
-pegging fic (Almighty Johnsons)
-gywo essay topics
-in which emma, jacob, & paul live happily ever after THE END (The Following)
-natasha+stiles (sequel to my Captain America/TW fusion) (Teen Wolf/Avengers)
-awkward virgins (TW)
-undead!laura (TW)
-third fic in chris/peter series (TW)
-coffeeshop AU (Hobbit)
-ace!richard (RPF)
-space AU (North & South)
-demi!Danny ot4 (Hawaii 5-0)
-h50 immortality (H50)
-h50 undercover (H50)

I'm great at naming documents, what are you talking about?

Anyway, I'd had a conversation with [ profile] paper_tzipporah a few weeks ago regarding one of the GYWO discussion topics I claimed (editing and revising! incorporating feedback! beta readers!), and then had a similar discussion with [ profile] pocky_slash at lunch today, so I may end up working on that post tonight. Even though it's not scheduled for posting until, like, November. /hand wave But if there's anything on this list that strikes you as something I should definitely work on while I'm avoiding BBMU...lemme know. Maybe someone gently nudging me will help.


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