Dec. 16th, 2013

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Thanks to the snow and rain we got this weekend, Boston is now a block of ice. You can imagine how exciting my walk to the bus stop and to the office was this morning. Weeeeee. :\

Anyway, things!

Yesterday I went to the MFA with [ profile] sky_was_green and [ profile] barbed_whispers! Karen's a member, so we were able to get into the Sargent watercolors exhibit super early - not that the museum was at all crowded the whole time we were there (the bad weather did serve a purpose, I suppose), but it was nice to wander around and see only the guards and two or three other visitors. Strange, but nice. We also got to go through the She Who Tells a Story exhibit, which was AMAZING and possibly my favorite thing I saw yesterday. It's closing on January 12, so if you're around Boston between now and then and haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out.

Karen and I also went on a gallery lecture called "Expats, Immigrants, and Exiles: Geopolitics and Art" led by this really great and knowledgable grad student who I desperately want to be BFFs with. I would HAPPILY listen to her talk about art and identity and cultural context for the rest of my life. I also want to buy her a million drinks for deftly handling this one dude's inability to understand American South =\= Mexico. (Just. All the applause for this woman, holy shit.)

Other thing that happened: DESOLATION OF SMAUG. [ profile] starsparkle333, [ profile] paper_tzipporah, and I went to the midnight premiere and HOLY FUCK, YOU GUYS. I'll...just go ahead and put the rest of my thoughts under a cut, because there will be spoilers. Uh, I should preface this part by saying that I really do love the movie and want to see it a million more times. DON'T THROW ANYTHING AT ME.


In conclusion: I may have reached the perfect balance of critical and batshit-in-love fangirl on this one. /shrug


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