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Man, summer blockbusters are 2 for 0 right now.

But Star Trek, guys. IT WAS PRETTY GREAT.

I thoroughly enjoyed and loved 99% of it. I think the only REAL complaint I have about it was the fact that they cast Benedict Cumberbatch in a historically non-white role. I was sort of hoping he'd maybe be one of Khan's crew instead - wouldn't that have been a bit more fitting for a universe that already split pretty significantly from the TOS timeline? ANYWAY. I'm not saying Cumberbatch didn't deliver a good performance, because the villain is strong with this one, but. You know. Side-eyeing some people right now.

There was that part where Carol is trying to reason with Admiral Marcus and there was so much flare you couldn't even see her face, and some of Bones' lines were ridiculous. But basically everything else was AMAZING and WONDERFUL. The movie was well-paced, and the story was really GOOD overall. I loved everything about Kirk, Uhura, and Spock (Kirk and Uhura in the turbolift, and then the three of them flying through Kronos, guys, GUYS), and my heart about broke when Spock told Uhura and Kirk what he experienced internally when Vulcan was destroyed, and again while Spock watched as Kirk died. There were some great connections to TOS (Kirk asking Bones why he had that tribble and Bones reassuring him that it was dead, ahhhhhhhhh) and the 2009 movie, but not overwhelming like they could have been?

And, I mean, for a movie titled "Into Darkness," there was a lot of not giving into all the shit piled on them. Kirk's drive for revenge worried me a lot, especially when it came down to Scotty quitting, but I was SO PLEASED when he decided they would capture Khan instead.

I would have liked a lot more Uhura, but what they gave us was pretty awesome. I appreciated that Kirk's response to her wanting to try to fool the Klingons into helping them find Khan wasn't refusal but watching her back and making sure him and Spock and the others with them were armed just in case. It's just super evident that these are now characters who have been through a lot together, and they trust in each other's abilities (well, Spock and Kirk were still figuring each other out).

In conclusion, [ profile] paper_tzipporah cried a lot, and we actually held each other's hands for most of the last 40 or so minutes. I'm looking forward to all the Spock/Uhura/Kirk fic people are going to write. Because people better write that shit. *stares everyone down*

...I have a lot more thoughts about this movie than I anticipated.

My plan for tomorrow was to sleep in a bit before I have to host word wars for GYWO in the afternoon, buuuuuuut I might go see this again instead. Fenway DOES have a 9:30am matinee and all. I can go see the movie and be back in time for words. Right? Right.
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