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Hello, person who's been assigned to my [ profile] tw_holidays request! I hope you're as excited for this exchange as I am! :D

Quick rundown: I would prefer genfic or, like, friendshippy stuff. Canon couples are cool, but mostly I'm interested in reading about people being bros with each other. I put polyamory and asexuality and unconventional families under additional tags, so I'd be totally down with something involving those as well. If you're going to write a story with a ship, I'd prefer either Allison/Lydia (maybe futurefic where they're in college or traveling during a gap year together or something and slowly fall in love), Boyd/Erica (AU where neither dies and they're just disgustingly in love with each other plz) or Jennifer/Kali (look, no one is going to convince me that these two weren't banging before Deucalion told Kali to kill her pack).

Um, there's not much I won't read, actually. I like pretty much all sorts of alternate universes, canon or otherwise, and I love character studies. I like stories that are both emotional and hilarious, as well as stories that are just pure crack. Things I hate reading: infidelity/cheating, plots hinging entirely on a misunderstanding, female character bashing, Derek Hale's manpain. (Basically if you avoid using these and don't go anywhere near Derek/Stiles in your fic, I will be the happiest.)

If you need to know more about my likes/dislikes, my contact person is [ profile] darthjamtart. She'll point you in the right direction. (Or she will if she ever wants me to bring her fudgesicles again. So really it's in her best interest.)

Happy writing! <3


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