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Dear Yuletide author,

Hi! First of all, thank you in advance for gifting me with a story! That's super cool of you, and I hope you enjoy the writing process. Second of all, I'll list out some likes and dislikes and a few notes for each of the fandoms I requested below, but mostly I want you to write something that makes YOU happy. So, you know, feel free to take my notes as vague suggestions rather than hard and fast demands. :D

In general, I'm not super picky about the kind of fics I'll read. I like fluff and domesticity and silliness as much as I like serious character studies and hurt/comfort and action/adventure and angst. I enjoy reading about characters' relationships with each other, both platonically and romantically. I like kidfic and alternate universes (canon-based and otherwise) and trope-y stuff, blah blah blah - seriously, I'll read almost anything. The only true exceptions to this are cheating and plots that hinge on misunderstandings; the former makes me sad, the latter makes me angry. I also hate lady-character bashing.

Now for the request-specific things!

North and South

I'm stupidly in love with Margaret and John and the idea of their married life. It'd be awesome if, like, you were to write about them navigating their relationship after so much miscommunication, and John being all, "You should have a say in what your money does!" and Margaret just wanting to make the mill a better place for the workers and everyone around them not really understanding what the hell's going on. Oh, and them having babies? Because that would be amazing.

Parasol Protectorate

So, Lyall is sort of my favorite character in the series, and I'm ridiculously curious about his life in the pack before Connall became alpha, his past relationship with Alessandro Tarabotti, and his current one with Biffy. A fic touching on any/all of these things would be AWESOME. I mean, I also really love Alexia, and it'd be interesting to read something about her and Lyall being friends and keeping in touch after the events in Timeless.

The Almighty Johnsons

As of the writing of this letter, I haven't finished watching all of series 3, BUT. I will definitely have done so by Christmas, so don't worry about leaving stuff out because of spoilers or whatever. I really love Dawn a lot, and I also really enjoy Michele and Ingrid, so, you know. Anything about them? I included Anders in the signup because I'm fascinated by his relationship with Dawn, and it'd be cool to see a how-they-met-etc. story.

The Hour

I mainlined both seasons of The Hour just this summer and am SO ANGRY that it was cancelled before we could learn more about the characters. Anyway, I'd really like something that focuses on Bel, Lix, and Marnie in some way, or something about Bel and Freddie's friendship (or their romantic relationship, whatever). I would also be down with Bel/Lix or Bel/Marnie or Bel/Lix/Marnie (Freddie can come too, if you'd like).


I would LOVE a dark/twisty Joan/Moriarty story with a side of Joan and Sherlock being BFFs. I just really enjoy what Elementary did at the end of season one, with Joan being the one to go head-to-head and ultimately bring Moriarty down, and I have a ~thing for enemies and hate-shipping.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Not gonna lie, I really just requested this for nostalgia's sake, and I highly doubt I'll be matched on it. This was one of my very first fandoms ever, and it still holds a special place in my heart (right next to Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing). If we DID match on this, just...write whatever you like! My favorite character was/is Touma and I definitely shipped him with Seiji, but I'm down for whatever.

And that's that! I guess if you want clarification on anything, talk to [ profile] darthjamtart? She knows me pretty well and probably won't mess with you just to make me sad.

Happy writing!


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