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Thanks to the snow and rain we got this weekend, Boston is now a block of ice. You can imagine how exciting my walk to the bus stop and to the office was this morning. Weeeeee. :\

Anyway, things!

Yesterday I went to the MFA with [ profile] sky_was_green and [ profile] barbed_whispers! Karen's a member, so we were able to get into the Sargent watercolors exhibit super early - not that the museum was at all crowded the whole time we were there (the bad weather did serve a purpose, I suppose), but it was nice to wander around and see only the guards and two or three other visitors. Strange, but nice. We also got to go through the She Who Tells a Story exhibit, which was AMAZING and possibly my favorite thing I saw yesterday. It's closing on January 12, so if you're around Boston between now and then and haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out.

Karen and I also went on a gallery lecture called "Expats, Immigrants, and Exiles: Geopolitics and Art" led by this really great and knowledgable grad student who I desperately want to be BFFs with. I would HAPPILY listen to her talk about art and identity and cultural context for the rest of my life. I also want to buy her a million drinks for deftly handling this one dude's inability to understand American South =\= Mexico. (Just. All the applause for this woman, holy shit.)

Other thing that happened: DESOLATION OF SMAUG. [ profile] starsparkle333, [ profile] paper_tzipporah, and I went to the midnight premiere and HOLY FUCK, YOU GUYS. I'll...just go ahead and put the rest of my thoughts under a cut, because there will be spoilers. Uh, I should preface this part by saying that I really do love the movie and want to see it a million more times. DON'T THROW ANYTHING AT ME.


In conclusion: I may have reached the perfect balance of critical and batshit-in-love fangirl on this one. /shrug
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We watched series 2 of The Hour on Saturday, and, uh. Goddamn. I can't believe the BBC just fucking cancelled it after all that ending. [ profile] paper_tzipporah and I were very much Not Okay during the whole finale (literally clutching each other, okay, it was INTENSE), much to the amusement of [ profile] metonymy and [ profile] mcwonthelottery. Anyway, I need to write that story where the news team plus Marnie are in this complicated polyamorous relationship - because Hector realizes not only that Bel and Freddie are a package deal but also he's kind of okay with that, and Bel and Lix have this ~thing together, sometimes with Freddie, and everyone falls more than a little in love with Marnie, and really it takes a village to raise a baby, you know?

In conclusion: The Hour, guys. I was not at all expecting to love it as much as I do, and you should all check it out if you have the chance. Totally worth it, even considering the epic emotional cliffhanger it ends on.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of going for a walk/run (or whatever you'd call that thing where you sprint for 30-60 seconds, walk for 5 minutes, rinse and repeat) every night. I don't remember consciously giving up on it last winter, but it's been almost a year and I'm just now getting the itch to get up and prowl around my neighborhood back. Feels good, but we'll see how long my resolve lasts once the weather starts to turn cold again.

(On the flip side of that: it's almost autumn, which is my favorite season, and that means it's almost time to go apple-picking, which in turns means I should start looking for a better pie dish and more tupperware for when I make applesauce. :D :D :D)

In actual conclusion, here is my fashion tag on tumblr. Uh, for no reason other than I feel like the pretty with you. Happy Tuesday?
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So I've had a couple months' worth of Elementary and H50 episodes on the DVR for a while now, and since we're snowed in, I decided to use the weekend to get through as many of them as I could. I'm finally up-to-date on Elementary (JOOOOOAAAANNNNN, guys, my emotions), and I started in on H50 this evening. I think I've still got five or six episodes before I'm caught up, but I just need to flail about S3E10, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE EPISODE I MUST HAVE WILLED INTO EXISTENCE.


Steve: I'm going to teach these girls how to kill and gut a pig tonight, Danny.
Danny: That's actually a horror film.

*screaming* I can't even handle how wonderful this episode was. CANNOT. It's basically all I've ever wanted since I started watching the show - Danny being long-suffering about Steve's special brand of intensity, Steve wanting to make sure the girls could ~survive in the wilderness~, the team being fiercely protective of each other, the girls all being super smart and brave and resourceful. Just. UGH. SO GOOD. I LOVE THEM ALL.

:D :D :D :D :D

Continuing to have lots of feelings about the following: Community (ABED), North and South, The Hobbit, a theoretical fic where Erica asks Lydia out on a date, Dylan O'Brien and those stupid fucking glasses he wears in The Internship, and Richard Armitage (ugh, that recording of him reading T.S. Eliot is TERRIBLE and I listened to it way too many times today).

In other news: tomorrow's surprise party for my brother's 40th was cancelled on account of snow. :\ The T is completely shut down, so it's not like I would've been able to get to South Station for my train anyway, but I was really looking forward to seeing my babies. And celebrating John's birthday, I guess, but mostly the babies. I was able to cancel my tickets and get a voucher for the amount of the round trip to New Haven, so I'll just schedule a weekend to go down there and hang with John, Jen, and Evan.

I think it might be time for hot chocolate. Yes.
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Completely out of nowhere, I blew my own mind over something in The Reichenbach Fall just now. Someone on tumblr with the username 'i-o-u-a-fall' reblogged a graphic from me this afternoon, and for whatever reason I got to thinking about that scene after Moriarty's trial where he shows up at the flat and has tea with Sherlock - you know, when he carves 'I O U' into the apple? And all of a sudden it hit me: a fucking apple, man. As in, the fruit that Christians generally associate with the fall of mankind from grace in Genesis. Like, Moriarty sits there and says, "I owe you a fall," and it never even occurred to me how utterly perfect the carved apple fits into that scene. It's pretty much the smallest, least important detail in that episode, and I'm just gone over it.

/eight months later

HOW IS THIS SHOW SO GOOD AT THIS STUFF, YOU GUYS? Ugh. UGH, I can't wait to rewatch it at Ret & Becca Con next weekend.
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Completely out of nowhere, I blew my own mind over something in The Reichenbach Fall just now. Someone on tumblr with the username 'i-o-u-a-fall' reblogged a graphic from me this afternoon, and for whatever reason I got to thinking about that scene after Moriarty's trial where he shows up at the flat and has tea with Sherlock - you know, when he carves 'I O U' into the apple? And all of a sudden it hit me: a fucking apple, man. As in, the fruit that Christians generally associate with the fall of mankind from grace in Genesis. Like, Moriarty sits there and says, "I owe you a fall," and it never even occurred to me how utterly perfect the carved apple fits into that scene. It's pretty much the smallest, least important detail in that episode, and I'm just gone over it.

/eight months later

HOW IS THIS SHOW SO GOOD AT THIS STUFF, YOU GUYS? Ugh. UGH, I can't wait to rewatch it at Ret & Becca Con next weekend.
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EDIT: There might also be spoilers for Timeless in the comments, so if you're really adamant about not having the plot ruined for you, you might want to skip this entry for a while. <333

Oh right, I've been doing some reading lately.

Haven't made any headway into Forbidden because I got distracted by the arrival of the Soulless manga (which was adorable! I loved it!) and Timeless. GUYS. SUCH A GREAT END TO THE SERIES. I mean, I wish it wasn't the end and all, but I thought Carriger tied everything up rather nicely. PLUS PLUS PLUS SPOILERS )

*flail* Yes. Some of that.

Right now I'm rereading Emerald House Rising by Peg Kerr, which you may remember from that day I went slightly insane trying to find it. I'm pleased to say that my memories of loving it were spot-on: it's really good! bb!Margaret apparently had decent taste in fantasy novels. What I love now, though, and had forgotten along with most of the details of the book was the way magic works in this world. Instead of relying on, say, energy or the elements or whatever, Kerr uses possibilities - so a magician is a person who has the ability to see a possible course of action and then influence the environment to either encourage or discourage events that would lead up to that end. Early on in the novel, a magician explains to the main character that a long, violent war was caused by a wizard who asked the question, "Can I take the throne?" and set into motion things that would lead directly to yes, I can. He then explains that the question should have been, "SHOULD I take the throne? What are the consequences of me attempting this?" Etc. Uh. It just fascinates me, is all.

Next I plan to reread the Dalemark Quartet, and then I still have the second Skulduggery Pleasant book to get to. >.> It's been sitting on my shelf in my room for a while, I just keep forgetting to pick it up. Also have to finish the Batwoman trade I borrowed from Kait, as well as God Loves, Man Kills. And Lovecraft Unbound.

...I should maybe stay away from the library for a while. :D?
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GUYS. Basically all my feelings are about THIS FANART (sfw) today. I just. I can't. I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS MY ADORATION FOR IT WITHOUT BREAKING DOWN INTO KEYSMASHES AND INCOMPREHENSIBLE NOISES. I was THISCLOSE to curling up underneath my desk and rocking back and forth when [ profile] pocky_slash came into work this morning, I kid you not. Just. AWKWARD TURTLE FLAILING.

Sorry for, y'know, spewing that all over you.

OR AM I? )

In conclusion, a;lkndm;lmdlskefnlasmnd. GO TELL THAT ARTIST HOW AMAZING IT IS, OKAY?

EDIT: In case you want to tell the artist how awesome it is on LJ, it was linked here earlier as well.
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[ profile] therealljidol Week 2: Three little words

About two months or so after I graduated from college, the two friends I'd retained from high school, J and L, got engaged to each other. I was ecstatic, as you might imagine; I loved them both dearly, and they were all-around awesome people. They'd been together since we were 17 (in secret at first, since we weren't allowed to date in school), and the engagement was an inevitability that everyone was looking forward to. I might have done a ridiculous happy dance in my cubicle when I received the text about it, but you can't prove anything.

After work that day, I called J to give my initial congratulations and best wishes. We spent over two hours on the phone, chatting and gossiping and laughing, and at the end of our conversation, she asked me to be in her bridal party.

"I mean, you don't have to," she said.

"Like I haven't been waiting six years for this moment," I replied. "Yes, okay? Don't be stupid."

The next day I got an evite from her for a party her soon-to-be in-laws were throwing that night for them. I had to babysit, so I declined and sent her a text with my excuse (and probably a million sad faces). She wrote back that she understood and that we'd have to have dinner sometime soon. Very shortly after that, I received a text from an unknown number - something about being excited about the wedding and being a bridesmaid with me and all that. When I asked who had sent the message, I was told that it was M (another girl we'd gone to high school with, and not my favorite person at all) and that she'd gotten my number from J.

I...did not react very well. I don't like it when my phone number is handed out without my knowledge, especially to people I had been purposefully avoiding for a couple of years. But I tried to pull myself together - I'd have to see her, and other people I didn't like, regularly if we were all going to be in the wedding party; I could totally be an adult about this. So I sent J a message asking her to please ask me before giving everyone else my number, which I thought was only fair. She didn't call or text me back for a while, and by then the messages from M were a slight annoyance in the back of my mind, nothing serious.

She called me after work that night, and the first thing she said to me was, "I have to ask you to not be in our wedding anymore."

I was stunned.

"I don't think it's going to work out," she said. "You haven't been very supportive, and it might be best if you just step down."

It's been TWO DAYS, I wanted to scream at her.

"Anyway," she continued, "you understand, right? We're good, right?"

"Sure," I choked out. "Good. Whatever. Bye."

I spent the rest of that night crying on my father's shoulder, wondering what the hell I'd done wrong.

Neither J nor L tried to contact me for months after that, and I didn't attempt to get in touch with them either. My parents, surprisingly, supported this - you need a couple of weeks' distance, they said, and the rest of my family agreed with them. So I said nothing, and eventually I stopped crying, though I continued to feel worthless and awful. A couple of days after my birthday that year, however, I received a text from J. Sorry I missed your birthday, it read. We should get lunch sometime soon, y/n?

I ignored it. I haven't spoken to or seen her since she kicked me out of her wedding party. I try not to think about it, which is probably the best thing I could do for myself, but every so often I find myself wishing I still had her cell number. Maybe I'd text her, ask her why? or how could you do that to me? or are you happy, at least? Was it a good wedding? How have you been?

Mostly, though, I want to say go fuck yourself and be done with it - not exactly polite, but it'd be therapeutic, at least.
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Today at work I had a lot of feelings about Actual Things That Happen(ed) in Comics (like Steve and Tony arguing over Tony still keeping ~secrets from Steve while the other Avengers giggle behind their backs about Mommy and Daddy fighting, and Tony and Charles being jerks to each other, etc. etc.), and also even MORE feelings about the way Steve has been portrayed in fandom recently. I am just very confused by the people who are just getting into Avengers fandom from the movies, okay? And being confused makes me very defensive. But whatever, I guess it's not that important.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, right, feelings. Apparently I have more feelings than usual, so here, have some more.

I'm fucking around on tumblr tonight, and I come across this fanart, and suddenly I'm, like, weeping over my laptop because it is SO FUCKING SAD. Let me drown you in my Tony Stark head canon for this fanart. Which differs a bit from my regular head canon for him, jsyk. )

And now I'm going to bed.
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I'm back on the comics wagon - which, honestly, is the best wagon to be on, and you can't tell me otherwise, shut up - so guess what? Yes, you get to read my reactions to new issues, etc. I'm sure you're all very psyched about my super in depth analysis. And by "super in depth analysis," I mean "I'll either be flailing about like an idiot or pouting over how dumb a story is." How I roll, yo.

So these are the titles I'm currently reading:
-The Avengers
-American Vampire
-Wonder Woman
-Suicide Squad
-Birds of Prey
-I, Vampire
-Justice League Dark

And I'm contemplating adding the two main post-Schism X-Men comics to my pull list, but. :\ When I have some spare cash, I'm going to pick up whatever trades are going to get me caught up on the last 10-15 years and go from there. I feel like that'll give me an idea of whether or not it's worth my time and money to stay current with that universe.

(On [ profile] pocky_slash's recommendation, I did buy the "God Loves, Man Kills" trade on Friday. I have yet to finish it, but jesus christ, that is some fucking awesome storytelling.)

And in case any of you are going, "But Margaret, those are DC TITLES on your pull list!" Yes. Yes, they are. I've been wanting to get into DC for a while now, and while I've been sort of silently side-eyeing a lot of the things happening with the new 52, I saw them as my way in? And as with the X-Men comics, I intend on going back and picking up trades eventually. For now, though, I'm just gonna fly with these.

Okay. That established. None of the following has spoilers, as far as I know.


This is one of the titles I've been side-eyeing, despite having very little familiarity with Barbara Gordon other than what pop culture and friends who are DC fanatics have provided me with. I don't understand a couple of things, mostly having to do with why they decided to take Babs out of the wheelchair and make her Batgirl again. This isn't to say it won't end up being a good story, I'm just confused, I guess. But whatever.

I wasn't actually thrilled with the first issue - thought it was pretty weak from a writing perspective. I'm going to stay with it for a little while longer to see if it picks up, but, uh. Yeah. Slightly disappointed. Oh well.


Also pretty bored by the first issue, despite my love for Kate. The art is pretty amazing, though, so that helped keep my attention. Again, I'll give this one another couple issues and reevaluate then.


Of the #1s I've read so far, this one has the most intriguing start as far as I'm concerned. And, okay, I love Harley and the way she's drawn. THERE, I SAID IT. I know I should probably be pissed about her costume and the male gaze and all that, but I'm not because she's lovely, and I want to read ALL the comics about her blowing shit up while wearing skimpy clothing.



I...really need to read all of the trades. Like, yesterday. And I'm excited to see where the story is going, and the art is pretty, and and and. Yeah. <3


Good heavens, there was some BLOOD and GUTS going on in this issue. I am totally okay with this, and, guys, I really love me some Diana. She's just so badass, you know? I'm not even sure I care about the story, I just want to see her being awesome all the time.

I, Vampire and Justice League Dark aren't out yet, but I'm sure I'll write about them in the future. And now -


My feelings about this series, you guys. It's just so good, and I can't understand why you all aren't out there reading it right NOW. Well, I mean, I guess if you don't like vampires? But that's a dumb reason to be missing out on a really well-written story and some seriously fantastic art. Just. *FLAIL* Pearl continues to be awesome, I'm still smitten with Skinner Sweet (lovable psychotic bastard vampire that he is), and the universe is so WONDERFUL.

Plus, I read the first 3 issues of AV: Survival of the Fittest last night, and Felicia Book is my FUCKING FAVORITE, okay? Not to mention the Nazi vampires! And Cashel and his son! IT'S REALLY GOOD. REALLY, REALLY GOOD, AND I NEED #4 AND #5 IMMEDIATELY. :DDD

Erm, yeah.

Need to catch up on Avengers still (11 issues behiiiiiind, what is wrong with me?!), so that's all I have for you right now.

In conclusion: Comics! I love them!


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