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Ahhh, there goes 2012. Kind of feels like the year flew by - what did I even do? Who the fuck knows.

Actually I wrote a lot. I did my final checkin for GYWO a little while ago, and I managed to write 116,545 words this year, which. That's huge, for me, regardless of the fact that I didn't make the pledge total. Whatever, I'm super pleased with myself right now. Oh, and for shits and giggles I checked my 2012 stats on AO3, and apparently I posted 58,258 words. WEIRD. It's like I don't even know myself anymore. :D!

I pledged 150k again for 2013, but I'm making my personal (much more realistic) goal to write 10k per month. I think this will work out nicely. And speaking of GYWO...

GetYourWordsOut: One Last Time (Probably)!
Pledges & Requirements |

It's possibly the last year [ profile] theemdash and her cohort are running this, so if any of you need the extra encouragement (or whatever), think about pledging!

In other 2013 resolutions news: man, I really suck at reading. Even my unread comics pile is giving me nightmares right now. In the interest of not sucking anymore (and because I have SO MANY NOVELS I want to read and reread), I've decided that my monthly reading goal for the year will be two new-to-me books and one old-to-me book. I'm capable of more, but my brain WILL rebel if I try to force more on it right off the bat. Stupid attention span, nobody asked you. Anyway, I'm going to reread The Hobbit (shhhh) in January, and I also have Liar (Justine Larbalestier) to read. Any suggestions for another new-to-me book, friends?

I'm not even going to pretend to make other resolutions. :D

Spending the rest of the day reading fic, and then the evening with [ profile] mcwonthelottery and [ profile] metonymy! Happy New Year! <3
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30772 / 150000

Current number of words written so far this year! I'm 2K and change behind where I technically should be this month, but since I managed to write ~2200 yesterday, I'd say I'm in a good place at the moment. Mostly I'm just trying to plug away at all the projects I have going at the moment. Since I'm sure you're super curious, have a list of them!

Filed under my In Progress tag on gdocs, the 10 most recently edited are:

-h50 - demisexual!steve
-angel/raven florist AU
-post-peason hardman fic
-Big Bang Mixup #2
-Big Bang Mixup #1
-the most self-indulgent genderfuck romance ever
-h50 undercover whaaaat
-bingo: bloodplay
-adventuring librarian
-in the night life - PP fusion

And there's, like, 20+ other docs in that folder, too.

Uh, yeah. The demi!Steve fic is what accounts for most of my words yesterday (2053 and not really near being finished right now D:), but I also started the Angel/Raven story over again, so. Yes, I know I should be working on the BBs, but apparently I really had to write about Steve and Catherine meeting and starting their relationship and Steve trying to explain how his feelings work to her, okay? Drunkenly. Yeah. #comeatmebro

At some point this week I am going to see if I can access the Mists of Pandaria beta. Saw the list of new features and got REALLY EXCITED about them this morning (11 character slots! new class! a bunch of other cool things that mean nothing to most of you!). I haven't actually played in a while, though - been kind of busy between family things and writing and reading and watching TV, but I'm a little itchy to start up again. Also I...decided to do a faction change on Alundi (once I have the extra cash to do so) so I can run more dungeons and raids with Heriotze. Probably going to make her into a draenei? There aren't that many races that can be paladins, and I'm not really keen on being a human or a dwarf, so my choice is limited. But whatever - purple goat people! Meeeeeh!

But mostly I'm excited to get to futz around with the pandaren. *____*

Anyway. No word on the baby yet. I am tired for a variety of reasons, and also work is driving me crazy today. But it's gorgeous out, so that counts for something, right? Right. \o/
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EMERALD HOUSE RISING BY PEG KERR, GUYS. THAT'S THE BOOK I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR. And soon it will be in my possession, thanks to [ profile] sky_was_green's librarianing skills and Amazon. (That's half of this morning spent on searching/making other people search for it. I feel like this is an excellent waste use of mine and others' time.) I think [ profile] pocky_slash is joking/being a jerk when she says my whole life has now been validated by this find, but I seriously feel so much better, so whatever.


(In case you're wondering - I joined Goodreads yesterday (find me here!) and have spent most of the last 18 hours or so adding all the books ever to my read and to-read lists. I sifted through Patricia C. Wrede and found a TON of novels by her that I know I'd read once upon a time but had forgotten until now, and as I was doing that, I was like WAIT. THERE WAS THAT ONE - UGH, WHAT WAS IT - I READ IT A MILLION TIMES WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. So, yeah. Woohoo!)

Aaaaaand that happened.

Tonight I'm going to the gym after a week's recovery period (oh, hey, I can move without my muscles crying out in anguish!). I have approximately a million words to write before midnight to make the monthly minimum for GYWO. And I should probably, you know, actually do work. :D?

Happy Tuesday, all!

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Haven't written anything original in a really, REALLY long time, you guys...UNTIL TODAY, THAT IS. I'd started a short horror story back in college and have been picking at it ever since, and this week's drabble challenge at [ profile] pulped_fictions (prompt: broken iPhone) inspired me to work on it? So. How's that for weird. Anyway, entries posted to the comm are members only, and while I probably should have just posted here first and then linked back there, I. Didn't. Obviously. Because I'm not good at thinking things through. Oh well.

For background: this woman (who has no name, even in my head) keeps waking up in strange places, naked and covered in blood and with no idea as to how or why.

Here, have ~350 words of that, why doncha. )


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I've been really bad about writing daily (the number of zeroes I see on the GYWO spreadsheet is kind of ridiculous), but I managed to write a little over 400 words last night, so. That was something, at least. I forgot to make a list and prioritize, but I will do that today or tomorrow, depending on how busy work is.

BBMU1 count - 364 (Uggghhhhhh. But I have ideas for it, and it's mostly plotted out? So hope is not lost! I just need to get my ass in gear.)
BBMU2 count - 4092 (OOPS, at least one of these is moving along.)
PF LC count - D:

In related news, work has destroyed my ability to use project descriptors and abbreviations that are useful to anyone besides me. Which may or may not be a problem, I suppose.

How are all of you, friends? Hanging in there, I hope? <333

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