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Finally talked to Doug about how stressed out and overwhelmed I've been since June, and though this hasn't magically made everything better like I'd hoped it would, it IS nice to know that he's aware of it all. Anyway, I'm trying not to think about this shit too much because it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry when I do, so here is a list of things in my life that are good these days.

+This weekend I'm going apple-picking with [ profile] paper_tzipporah and Kyleigh! Kyleigh has NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE, so I am maybe a little too thrilled about introducing her to the experience. :D

+In related news, I am going to make all the applesauce.

+Also this weekend: [ profile] sky_was_green and I are going to have fancy s'mores at Max Brenner!

+Have fallen deep into the abyss known as One Direction and it is ruining my life.

+Television! The Sleepy Hollow pilot was decent (have yet to watch the second episode), and I thoroughly enjoy everything Abbie Mills chooses to be. Elementary is back tonight (YAY). The last few weeks of Project Runway have been intense, but it's cool because most of my favorites are still in the competition. The Voice blind auditions started this week and I may have gotten [ profile] paper_tzipporah hooked on it COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT.

I think that's all I'm watching right now. I have to finish Orphan Black and Hell on Wheels and catch up with Almighty Johnsons, but it's hard to make myself do that when I just want to watch Big Fat Quiz Show episodes and 1D vids all the time.

+TWHols assignments went out! Yuletide nominations happened! NaNo is nearly upon us! Maybe one of these days I'll stop feeling like I should never write again and work on something. Anything. Whatever.

+I finally know what my family's holiday plans are. Have literally been asking since May. This shit is usually set in stone at Christmas dinner for the following year.

Alright, back to work with me. Happy Thursday, all. <3
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I'm exhausted from having to be a fully-functional employee who does what she's supposed to do and have had to email two too many VPs/AVPs about Things I've Been Neglecting, so HEY, a meme! Stolen from [ profile] pocky_slash, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from tumblr:

Let's play this game where you guess my favourite tropes and fictional character types.

Taking up residence underneath my desk, brb.
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Blah blah blah foot injury! )

Also I am savoring my first coffee since Friday. :D :D :D :D

I started playing the Mists of Pandaria beta on Friday night! I went with the new race/class combo like 99% of the other people playing, and I'm REALLY enjoying it so far. I only made it to level 4 before the server started kicking me off, but my preliminary feelings about the pandarens and the monk class are mostly positive. Obviously there are TONS of issues that need to be worked out. For example, the first quest chain involves you burning the Edict of Temperance (I wasn't paying attention as to why really), but a) there were THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS TRYING TO DO IT AT ONCE, and b) there was nothing blocking out a space in front of the edict, so you couldn't get anywhere near the fucking thing in order to complete the quest. I ended up grouping with a bunch of people (after 30 minutes of trying on my own), and like a minute later it worked and I could move on to the next thing. Ugh.

Regardless! The new zone is SUPER PRETTY. I'll have to take more screencaps next time I sign in. Also I am loving the pandaren design a LOT, oh my god:

Screencap! )

ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL? Her name is Arynna, and I love her. I'm still trying to puzzle out some of the aspects of the monk class, but the fighting style is really quite lovely to watch. Yes, I am much more likely to comment on how pretty things are instead of how functional they might be. One of these days the two will meet. I think.

Didn't play Saturday or Sunday on account of how awkward it was to elevate my foot while sitting at my desk. Actually, I didn't do much of anything beyond mainline season 1 of NCIS (and start season 2 yesterday). I edited one of the BBs a little? But I didn't write any new words. Bah. >:\

ANYWAY. How are you all doing? Anything good/bad going on, friends?
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In which this fandom is a little bit like quicksand. )

I am going to make an effort to be less of a fuck-up over the next few days. These are the things I must accomplish:

-finish beta reading this Inception fic (halfway done, I can totally do this)
-finish my scenes in the XMBB
-decide which prompt I'm going to use for the Charles/Erik holiday exchange
-figure out how to make my Cap/Iron Man Secret Santa fic work (oh maaaaaaan all the excites)
-finish plotting my BBMU story and maybe write the first section (?)

In addition to this, I need to do something to keep me sane during the holiday season so I don't accidentally strangle any of the overbearingly cheerful baristas bopping around to fucking Christmas music (I came so close yesterday). I'm thinking of either making a themed mix a week, or posting a random song a day to tumblr. Maybe both. Thoughts on this, friends?


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