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Finally talked to Doug about how stressed out and overwhelmed I've been since June, and though this hasn't magically made everything better like I'd hoped it would, it IS nice to know that he's aware of it all. Anyway, I'm trying not to think about this shit too much because it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry when I do, so here is a list of things in my life that are good these days.

+This weekend I'm going apple-picking with [ profile] paper_tzipporah and Kyleigh! Kyleigh has NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE, so I am maybe a little too thrilled about introducing her to the experience. :D

+In related news, I am going to make all the applesauce.

+Also this weekend: [ profile] sky_was_green and I are going to have fancy s'mores at Max Brenner!

+Have fallen deep into the abyss known as One Direction and it is ruining my life.

+Television! The Sleepy Hollow pilot was decent (have yet to watch the second episode), and I thoroughly enjoy everything Abbie Mills chooses to be. Elementary is back tonight (YAY). The last few weeks of Project Runway have been intense, but it's cool because most of my favorites are still in the competition. The Voice blind auditions started this week and I may have gotten [ profile] paper_tzipporah hooked on it COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT.

I think that's all I'm watching right now. I have to finish Orphan Black and Hell on Wheels and catch up with Almighty Johnsons, but it's hard to make myself do that when I just want to watch Big Fat Quiz Show episodes and 1D vids all the time.

+TWHols assignments went out! Yuletide nominations happened! NaNo is nearly upon us! Maybe one of these days I'll stop feeling like I should never write again and work on something. Anything. Whatever.

+I finally know what my family's holiday plans are. Have literally been asking since May. This shit is usually set in stone at Christmas dinner for the following year.

Alright, back to work with me. Happy Thursday, all. <3
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Lists! Lists are great. Here is a list of gdocs I've been poking at/would like to eventually poke at:

-trekthinger (Star Trek)
-pegging fic (Almighty Johnsons)
-gywo essay topics
-in which emma, jacob, & paul live happily ever after THE END (The Following)
-natasha+stiles (sequel to my Captain America/TW fusion) (Teen Wolf/Avengers)
-awkward virgins (TW)
-undead!laura (TW)
-third fic in chris/peter series (TW)
-coffeeshop AU (Hobbit)
-ace!richard (RPF)
-space AU (North & South)
-demi!Danny ot4 (Hawaii 5-0)
-h50 immortality (H50)
-h50 undercover (H50)

I'm great at naming documents, what are you talking about?

Anyway, I'd had a conversation with [ profile] paper_tzipporah a few weeks ago regarding one of the GYWO discussion topics I claimed (editing and revising! incorporating feedback! beta readers!), and then had a similar discussion with [ profile] pocky_slash at lunch today, so I may end up working on that post tonight. Even though it's not scheduled for posting until, like, November. /hand wave But if there's anything on this list that strikes you as something I should definitely work on while I'm avoiding BBMU...lemme know. Maybe someone gently nudging me will help.
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Vacation was glorious. I had a hard time last night, both because I knew I had to go into work today and because my niece had an emotional breakdown over me leaving, but it's also nice to be back in Boston and in my apartment, so. Yeah. Am adjusting back to life with mass transportation and no car (sort of strange how quickly I got used to driving again). I went to the beach twice and am tan/sunburned. We also went to Jenkinson's on Friday night, and I have bruises in weird places from going on rides that were not made for adults. Ahh, the things I do for my nephew. (Look, there is even pictorial evidence that I had fun.)

Mostly I spent the week reading/sleeping/watching TV/playing Wii sports with the kids. Mom was in the hospital for several days with a heart problem (she's fine now!), so we had dinner on Wednesday at Julia's instead of the parents' and went to fireworks after that. I saw Spider-man on Tuesday with Ashley and hung out with Loretta and Jay on Saturday night. Did some writing but not much. Cathy and I saw Moonrise Kingdom and loved it. Basically all was well in my world.

And I feel like I need another vacation to recover from it. *flops*

I managed to read 4 books and start a 5th this week! It's the most I've read in quite a while. I enjoyed all of them in varying degrees, so have a quick overview:

1. Touch of Frost (Jennifer Estep) - There are 2 strikes against this novel, one being the overuse of epithets, the other being the main character's tendency to slut-shame every couple of pages. Uh, other than those, I really enjoyed it? Like, it's a really awesome idea for a story, and I liked Gwen a lot when she wasn't judging these 2 or 3 other girls who happened to have slept with a couple boys. If you're able to ignore these things, I recommend at least trying it. I've put the second story on hold - we'll see if the author tones the stupid shit down at all.

2. After Midnight (Teresa Madeiros) - Basically this is a typical period romance novel but with vampires and vampire hunters. It was enjoyable, and the heroine was pretty awesome. Ta-da!

3. The Night Tourist (Katherine Marsh) - [ profile] sky_was_green recommended this to me, and it only took me until the end of the fourth page to understand why she liked it (Jack, the main character, agonizes over which meaning of the word occidit to use in his translation of Book Ten of the Metamorphoses). Overall it was super charming! I think it dragged a bit in places, and it waited too long to reveal some plot points, but I liked it a lot.

4. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Aimee Bender) - I. Love. This. Book. It's beautifully written, and the concept is SO interesting. I highly recommend it. Love love love love love. :D

I started reading Angelmaker (Nick Harkaway), but it's boring, so I'm probably going to drop it soon. Also started Joy for Beginners (Erica Bauermeister), but I haven't read enough to form an opinion yet.

Anyway. How are you, friends? Do anything exciting last week? :D?
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[ profile] bigbang_mixup was a lot of fun, despite me being a little crazed the last few weeks! Mostly I'm stunned that I was able to write two stories for it - it's just something I didn't think I'd ever do, because words! bah! So yes, I am very excited that these are up and being read and all that, and that [ profile] paper_tzipporah and [ profile] pocky_slash didn't smother me at any point in the last 6 or so months. :D

These were my contributions:

+Make Me Nervous - Suits, Harvey/Mike, 10,026 words - written for [ profile] bloodred0_4's mix if you're gonna do it then do it

+letters for the one who left me behind - XMFC, Charles/Erik, 10 songs - [ profile] the_me09's story can be found here

+The Sebastian Shaw Affair - Avengers/XMFC, gen with background pairings, 11,274 words - written for [ profile] polaris_starz's mix Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

I celebrated the completion of these last night by passing the fuck out, which I think is appropriate. Have 3 stories to finish in the next week and a half, but they're all short and already in progress. And then there's the H50 exchange, which I intend to start writing over vacation. I already know what's going to happen in it, too, which is helpful.

*tired flail*
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Apparently we live in a world where I have David Mitchell/WILTY dreams and [ profile] mcwonthelottery does not. I don't really understand it, but that is a thing that happened last night. I mean, I like David Mitchell and all, I just didn't think my admiration had reached dream level already.

Anyway. The weekend was good! I got to hang out with friends on Saturday, and then yesterday afternoon I watched the EE of Return of the King and ended up drowning in feelings in re: Eowyn, Eowyn/Faramir, and the 4 hobbits, as you do. I'm actually surprised at how little I remembered of the extended scenes - it was sort of like watching the whole thing for the very first time again, which pleased me. I'm also (finally) starting to get excited for the first Hobbit movie to be out. I like to think I can trust Peter Jackson not to fuck it up, but fingers crossed, just in case.

In other news, I like it when I'm able to cross things off my lists.

-write the first Queer Fest fic (posting date: 5/28)
-finish the Suits BBMU story and have it beta read (posting date: 6/5)
-figure out where I'm going to host the BBMU mix (posting date: 6/6)
-write second Queer Fest fic (posting date: 6/10)
-finish the Marvel ladies BBMU story and have it beta read (posting date: 6/11)
-write third Queer Fest fic (posting date: 6/16) / I'm about a third of the way through this one.
-write both ZombiFICation fics and submit to mods before 6/23 / One of these has been submitted already.

The Suits story drove me up a wall towards the end, but it's DONE and mostly ready for posting tomorrow. So now I just have to write the rest of the Marvel ladies AU, figure out what I'm doing for the QF fic due on the 10th, and then I' a good spot for a change. :D


I've had the first part of this story in my In Progress folder for months, and I decided yesterday that my reward for finishing the first BBMU would be to work on it. The prompt came off a bingo card, so if you're wondering why the hell I even started writing it in the first place, that would be your answer.

one-sided Steve/Tony, non-explicit bloodplay, sort of. 621 words. )


Back to work! Fuck Monday!
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I've had some time to process my feelings regarding The Avengers, and while I'm not quite as devastated as I was initially, I'm still sort of...annoyed? I guess? By it in general. [ profile] 80sgirlie and I had a somewhat epic discussion about it on Friday, and yesterday I emailed [ profile] anoneknewmoose about it, and I've identified specifically, I think, what made me sad/angry about the whole thing.

Uh, cut and paste from that email. Spoilers for the movie. )

IN CONCLUSION, all of that. I'm sure you were all super interested.

Also in conclusion: RIP, Maurice Sendak. :(
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I'm more tired than I really have any right to be, but it's cool, I have coffee, which I'm sure will kick in at any moment now. >:( My brain doesn't want to function properly, so I think this calls for a list of sorts. Or maybe multiple lists. I don't know.

...maybe just one list of random things. That sounds about my speed right now.


-[ profile] starsparkle333 and I cleaned the apartment this weekend! Huzzah!
-Sometime in the near future, I need to replace my DVD player. It's decided that all discs are the wrong disc, which is not conducive to watching things. In its defense, I've had it for almost 3 years now and it was SUPER cheap when I bought it, so. Oh well. Maybe I'll spring for one of slightly better quality this time around.
-Since it's National Poetry Month, I decided to post a poem every day on tumblr like I did last year. April 1 was Hug O'War (Shel Silverstein), April 2 was Archaeology (Vona Groarke), and April 3 (today) was Autumn Tune (Carol Frost).
-After work this Friday, I'm heading down to CT to meet baby Evan! SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. Am spending the whole weekend with them, too. It'll be nice and low-key, methinks.
-Need to get back into my writing projects, like yesterday. /o\
-Baby blanket number 2 is coming along, though. \o/
-Finished reading From Westminster With Love this morning. I was giggling SO MUCH, you guys. I love fics where Charles is a ridiculous flirt and Erik's life is the hardest as a result, okay? Also it was really well-written!

Should probably go do some work now. Happy Tuesday, all!
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30772 / 150000

Current number of words written so far this year! I'm 2K and change behind where I technically should be this month, but since I managed to write ~2200 yesterday, I'd say I'm in a good place at the moment. Mostly I'm just trying to plug away at all the projects I have going at the moment. Since I'm sure you're super curious, have a list of them!

Filed under my In Progress tag on gdocs, the 10 most recently edited are:

-h50 - demisexual!steve
-angel/raven florist AU
-post-peason hardman fic
-Big Bang Mixup #2
-Big Bang Mixup #1
-the most self-indulgent genderfuck romance ever
-h50 undercover whaaaat
-bingo: bloodplay
-adventuring librarian
-in the night life - PP fusion

And there's, like, 20+ other docs in that folder, too.

Uh, yeah. The demi!Steve fic is what accounts for most of my words yesterday (2053 and not really near being finished right now D:), but I also started the Angel/Raven story over again, so. Yes, I know I should be working on the BBs, but apparently I really had to write about Steve and Catherine meeting and starting their relationship and Steve trying to explain how his feelings work to her, okay? Drunkenly. Yeah. #comeatmebro

At some point this week I am going to see if I can access the Mists of Pandaria beta. Saw the list of new features and got REALLY EXCITED about them this morning (11 character slots! new class! a bunch of other cool things that mean nothing to most of you!). I haven't actually played in a while, though - been kind of busy between family things and writing and reading and watching TV, but I'm a little itchy to start up again. Also I...decided to do a faction change on Alundi (once I have the extra cash to do so) so I can run more dungeons and raids with Heriotze. Probably going to make her into a draenei? There aren't that many races that can be paladins, and I'm not really keen on being a human or a dwarf, so my choice is limited. But whatever - purple goat people! Meeeeeh!

But mostly I'm excited to get to futz around with the pandaren. *____*

Anyway. No word on the baby yet. I am tired for a variety of reasons, and also work is driving me crazy today. But it's gorgeous out, so that counts for something, right? Right. \o/
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In which this fandom is a little bit like quicksand. )

I am going to make an effort to be less of a fuck-up over the next few days. These are the things I must accomplish:

-finish beta reading this Inception fic (halfway done, I can totally do this)
-finish my scenes in the XMBB
-decide which prompt I'm going to use for the Charles/Erik holiday exchange
-figure out how to make my Cap/Iron Man Secret Santa fic work (oh maaaaaaan all the excites)
-finish plotting my BBMU story and maybe write the first section (?)

In addition to this, I need to do something to keep me sane during the holiday season so I don't accidentally strangle any of the overbearingly cheerful baristas bopping around to fucking Christmas music (I came so close yesterday). I'm thinking of either making a themed mix a week, or posting a random song a day to tumblr. Maybe both. Thoughts on this, friends?
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I'm back on the comics wagon - which, honestly, is the best wagon to be on, and you can't tell me otherwise, shut up - so guess what? Yes, you get to read my reactions to new issues, etc. I'm sure you're all very psyched about my super in depth analysis. And by "super in depth analysis," I mean "I'll either be flailing about like an idiot or pouting over how dumb a story is." How I roll, yo.

So these are the titles I'm currently reading:
-The Avengers
-American Vampire
-Wonder Woman
-Suicide Squad
-Birds of Prey
-I, Vampire
-Justice League Dark

And I'm contemplating adding the two main post-Schism X-Men comics to my pull list, but. :\ When I have some spare cash, I'm going to pick up whatever trades are going to get me caught up on the last 10-15 years and go from there. I feel like that'll give me an idea of whether or not it's worth my time and money to stay current with that universe.

(On [ profile] pocky_slash's recommendation, I did buy the "God Loves, Man Kills" trade on Friday. I have yet to finish it, but jesus christ, that is some fucking awesome storytelling.)

And in case any of you are going, "But Margaret, those are DC TITLES on your pull list!" Yes. Yes, they are. I've been wanting to get into DC for a while now, and while I've been sort of silently side-eyeing a lot of the things happening with the new 52, I saw them as my way in? And as with the X-Men comics, I intend on going back and picking up trades eventually. For now, though, I'm just gonna fly with these.

Okay. That established. None of the following has spoilers, as far as I know.


This is one of the titles I've been side-eyeing, despite having very little familiarity with Barbara Gordon other than what pop culture and friends who are DC fanatics have provided me with. I don't understand a couple of things, mostly having to do with why they decided to take Babs out of the wheelchair and make her Batgirl again. This isn't to say it won't end up being a good story, I'm just confused, I guess. But whatever.

I wasn't actually thrilled with the first issue - thought it was pretty weak from a writing perspective. I'm going to stay with it for a little while longer to see if it picks up, but, uh. Yeah. Slightly disappointed. Oh well.


Also pretty bored by the first issue, despite my love for Kate. The art is pretty amazing, though, so that helped keep my attention. Again, I'll give this one another couple issues and reevaluate then.


Of the #1s I've read so far, this one has the most intriguing start as far as I'm concerned. And, okay, I love Harley and the way she's drawn. THERE, I SAID IT. I know I should probably be pissed about her costume and the male gaze and all that, but I'm not because she's lovely, and I want to read ALL the comics about her blowing shit up while wearing skimpy clothing.



I...really need to read all of the trades. Like, yesterday. And I'm excited to see where the story is going, and the art is pretty, and and and. Yeah. <3


Good heavens, there was some BLOOD and GUTS going on in this issue. I am totally okay with this, and, guys, I really love me some Diana. She's just so badass, you know? I'm not even sure I care about the story, I just want to see her being awesome all the time.

I, Vampire and Justice League Dark aren't out yet, but I'm sure I'll write about them in the future. And now -


My feelings about this series, you guys. It's just so good, and I can't understand why you all aren't out there reading it right NOW. Well, I mean, I guess if you don't like vampires? But that's a dumb reason to be missing out on a really well-written story and some seriously fantastic art. Just. *FLAIL* Pearl continues to be awesome, I'm still smitten with Skinner Sweet (lovable psychotic bastard vampire that he is), and the universe is so WONDERFUL.

Plus, I read the first 3 issues of AV: Survival of the Fittest last night, and Felicia Book is my FUCKING FAVORITE, okay? Not to mention the Nazi vampires! And Cashel and his son! IT'S REALLY GOOD. REALLY, REALLY GOOD, AND I NEED #4 AND #5 IMMEDIATELY. :DDD

Erm, yeah.

Need to catch up on Avengers still (11 issues behiiiiiind, what is wrong with me?!), so that's all I have for you right now.

In conclusion: Comics! I love them!


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