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I saw Chronicle and One for the Money today and enjoyed both, surprisingly. A fight nearly broke out right before the former started, which was exciting and annoying at the same time. Like, come on, guys. Save your rage for the football game tomorrow. Also, fuck off, it's fucking 10:45 in the morning.

Anyway. I'm apparently incapable of actually working on the stories I have deadlines for and started something new tonight. I have a thing for Rachel and Mike being BFFs, okay? And it's not finished, I just need to get it out before I write this angry scene in one of the BBMUs. Which I think is okay? So whatever, that's all that matters.

Blah blah blah, have the beginning of the story. )
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GUYS! Back to the things about Suits that I really like!

So Closer, who has written some stories that I've enjoyed recently, wrote a meta fic wherein Harvey is secretly a BNF in the Star Trek fandom, and Mike muscles in from White Collar to get in on that shit. 5U175, guys. Seriously. I LOL'ed and made a lot of flappy hands and ridiculous giggles. It has a lot of awesome lines, too ("Fandom ruins everything. Even threesomes." / "Fandom suffers a devastating shortage of grownup pants." for example), and basically is all around completely true in addition to being hilarious and awesome. I highly recommend it.

...I am trying not to give away all of the awesome parts, but just know: at one point, Harvey cosplays as Tony Stark. THAT IS ALL.

...I am still giggling like a lunatic. \o\ \o/ /o/
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Jesus. You spend a DAY out of the office, and you come back to 5 voicemails from the same person about the same goddamn thing. I appreciate this person finally getting back to me and all, but LADY. COOL IT. OBVIOUSLY I'M NOT AROUND TO ANSWER YOUR PHONE CALLS. (This in addition to an email from a consumer - not in my inbox but in one that I'm responsible for - that makes very little sense to me and will have to wait until Doug gets in, despite the fact that it came in on Wednesday night. Sorry, person.)

Uggghhhh. Empathy levels are low. I have to finish a story and have it beta read by midnight on Sunday (I started it last weekend, but then I got distracted by Suits and my own inadequacies, so. Oops). [ profile] paper_tzipporah is coming over tonight with wine and a terrible movie. I need to clean the apartment and do my laundry and pack for next week. I have lots of work-work to get done today so I'm not running around like a crazy person on Monday and Tuesday.

On the bright side, I am feeling a bit more positive today, despite being tired and more than a little grouchy about Other People's Opinions. Anyway.

Here is a little excerpt from the Suits fic I most certainly should NOT be writing right now because there is too much going on. And yet I am only halfway through what was supposed to be a quick thing. >:(

But their faaaaaaaaces are really gooooooooood. )

OKAY. GETTING BACK TO WORK IN 5...4...3...2...


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