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Another year of my life has passed without me being crowned eternal empress of the universe, so. I don't know what that's about. I'll just be sitting here at my desk, disappointed and slightly under-caffeinated, as per usual.

Last Wednesday [ profile] paper_tzipporah and I went to see The Lone Bellow play at the Paradise Rock Club! They were AMAZING, and as tired as I was that day, I'm so glad we went. I hope the band puts out new music soon. They played a new song at one point that sounded awesome, and I wish I had it on my phone to listen to on repeat one forever. The crowd was really great, too - the place was packed, everyone was dancing and singing along, and it was so much fun. A++ experience, would definitely go again.

Anyway, you guys should check out their music! I've posted three of their songs on tumblr recently, so I'll link them here for your listening pleasure:

Tree to Grow
Bleeding Out
You Never Need Nobody
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So as I discovered yesterday, Eve 6 came out with a new album recently. I hadn't realized they'd gotten back together after splitting a few years back? So it was a pleasant thing to stumble upon! They're one of my favorite bands - I totally used to beg my sisters to drive around the block a couple extra times if Inside Out came on the radio while we were in the car. Anyway, I downloaded the new tracks last night, and mostly I like them a lot. I will say that the lyrics are not as good as I was expecting, unfortunately. I mean, the words are a huge part of why I like their music so much, and these aren't quite as...witty, I guess, as their other albums are. /shrug Some of the songs are pretty damn catchy, though, so it definitely wasn't a waste of money.

I uploaded one of my favorites to tumblr last night, which you can hear here. Also, they're playing a free show somewhere in Boston on May 19th with Spin Doctors, Switchfoot, and Third Eye Blind. No, we did not travel back in time to 1997, it is still 2012. I'm debating whether or not to go - on the one hand, it's free and I've been dying to see them live for a long time; on the other, there's possibly something fannish happening that day that I don't want to miss. Decisions! I hate making them!

Moving on.

The MoP beta continues to be pretty cool! I got all the way through the new start zone last night. I spent most of that 8 level stretch cursing loudly at the game (WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE SWARMING MONKEYS THAT SPAWN ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY GAAAAAAHHHHH) (also WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE A QUEST WHERE YOU'RE ATTACHED TO A FUCKING NPC THAT BLOCKS YOUR WAY WHEN YOU TRY TO PICK UP THE QUEST ITEMS ASKNA;KNVSLKNVSLKNSKN;ASMA;), but I'm happy to announce that I finally made it to Orgimmar! And then the beta client kicked me off 3 times in 30 minutes because of critical errors (all reported), so I gave up. I'm sure that game content from here until 85 is the same, so I think I might create a level 85 toon and see what's happening in the 85+ content. Yay more levels!

Also, man, I totally forgot that the new zone is on the back of a GIANT FUCKING TURTLE. Christ, I love this game. Even when it's frustrating the ever-loving shit out of me. Which is pretty often. :D:

I'm behind on all my comics, but I keep seeing little bits here and there on Twitter about American Vampire that make me desperate to catch up. Maybe that's what I'll do on Saturday? Unf. I came to the realization that while I ADORE the story, much of the appeal stems from the art. [ profile] liveonthesun reblogged some covers Rafael Albuquerque did for Nomad: Girl Without a Home recently, and it hit me that I would pretty much read any comics he draws for, no questions asked. I just like his art a lot, okay? Shut up.

Exhibit A: American Vampire #24 cover )

Exhibit B: Catwoman o___o )

Exhibit C: Nomad! )

So pretty. *____* I really only have incomprehensible flailing and keysmashing for you at this point, so I'll spare you. >.>

I started a new Steve/Tony fic the other day because I fail at staying focused on one project at a time. I got the idea for it from Incredible Hulk (which was SO BORING, how could a movie about the motherfucking HULK be SO BORING, guys?), and it's probably stupid to everyone else, but whatever, Imma write this thing. Weee! :D

That's all from me, friends. *SMOOCH*
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Last night [ profile] paper_tzipporah and I went to see The Jezabels, and they were pretty much amazing. It's always interesting to find out if singers/bands sound worse than/as good as/better than they sound on an album, and I think they fall into the 'as good as if not better than' demographic. They didn't chat much with the crowd until the end, but there was a really good vibe on stage, and you could tell that the band was invested in their music, so. :D Good times all around!

They played Rosebud, City Girl, Long Highway, and Endless Summer from their full album (and maybe one or two more than I didn't recognize at the time? I think Trycolour and Nobody Nowhere?), and then they also sang Mace Spray, A Little Piece, Dark Storm, Easy to Love, and Hurt Me. (They didn't play Sahara Mahala, which made Joni a sad panda.) It was all awesome, and I would LOVE to see them again.

The first opener was this dude who wasn't all that great, so I don't remember his name. But! the second opener! It was a band called Imagine Dragons, and Joni and I LOVED them! Their songs were just overall powerful and heavy and interesting, and watching them was kind of intense. Also the lead singer was really sweet and engaging between songs. Uh, basically I loved them enough to buy their music right when I got home. I have to say that they're a little less impressive recorded, but it's all good. If you ever have the chance to see them perform, do it! I meant to put one of their songs on tumblr this morning, but I overslept - I'll do it tonight! :)

Anyway, time to get some work done. Peace out, yo.
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In which this fandom is a little bit like quicksand. )

I am going to make an effort to be less of a fuck-up over the next few days. These are the things I must accomplish:

-finish beta reading this Inception fic (halfway done, I can totally do this)
-finish my scenes in the XMBB
-decide which prompt I'm going to use for the Charles/Erik holiday exchange
-figure out how to make my Cap/Iron Man Secret Santa fic work (oh maaaaaaan all the excites)
-finish plotting my BBMU story and maybe write the first section (?)

In addition to this, I need to do something to keep me sane during the holiday season so I don't accidentally strangle any of the overbearingly cheerful baristas bopping around to fucking Christmas music (I came so close yesterday). I'm thinking of either making a themed mix a week, or posting a random song a day to tumblr. Maybe both. Thoughts on this, friends?
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Alright, friends, I need help on this chilly, yucky, rainy day. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recommend all of your favorite songs about friendship, siblings, and other platonic love relationships to me. I'm working on a ~super sekrit project~ with/for [ profile] pocky_slash, and I've sort of hit a wall with my music collection. Which is very new and weird for me, seeing as I...well, I have a LOT of songs. Like. Lots and lots. :D?

If you can provide downloads, that would be awesome! But if not, just provide me with the song title(s) and the band/artist name(s) and maybe a YouTube link, and I will find some way of procuring it on my own! It may even be something I already have and just didn't think of right away. And they don't have to be EXPLICITLY about platonic relationships, just not so over-the-top with the romance and whatnot, you know?


EDIT: Erm, since [ profile] metonymy asked, I should clarify - not parent/child! Mostly friendships and sibling relationships! Sorry!


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