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Like, I've gone over everything with Kyleigh and emailed all the people who will have to deal with shit while I'm gone, and I still have to get all the way to 2:45 tomorrow. PLUS the person who does all the checking on my reports every month hasn't said anything to me about them since I told her they were ready (Monday!), and if she waits until tomorrow to do this, going to be SO CROSS with her. But I will also make her edit everything because VACATION.

I really should have taken tomorrow off.

Anyway. The Museum of Natural History has a special exhibit on whales (!!!) going on right now, so I am now 1000% more excited about taking Bella and Gavin there next week. I don't even care if they don't give a shit about whales. I'll make up for it by taking them to the space show, or something. Regardless, the trip should be sufficiently nerdy and ~*educational*~ and satisfy Julia's request that we don't just sit around the house all week.

Mom and Dad are going up to CT for Easter, so Cathy and I are off the hook for that morning. We've decided to celebrate by eating all the pancakes Hoboken has to offer and making sure our aunt's old champagne glasses still work by drinking all the mimosas (for science). We feel like this is the best possible way for us to spend our not-holiday.

In conclusion:

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Time isn't moving fast enough. I feel like I've done so many things already and should be allowed to go home now. I mean - I went to a meeting, I answered all my emails and phone calls, I ran an errand and got lunch AND took the long way back to the office, I did all of my update reminders, I researched some stuff for the VP...yeah. I think it's time for me to be on vacation.

Tonight: I will do laundry and pack. (Maybe I will let myself play some Warcraft as well. Or, more likely, I'll read fic all night because everything else requires too much thought.) I need to pick up my books from the library first thing tomorrow so I can stash those away, and then I need to get the rest of my stuff together before heading to South Station for my bus.

My intention is to ignore LJ, tumblr, and Twitter for most if not all of next week. I highly doubt anyone is going to miss me that much, but you can always email me if there's something I need to know about (like if there are cats doing adorable things, or if I've been declared Queen of the Iron Mans, or other relevant topics), or if you just want to say hi and tell me how your day's been and what's been annoying you lately. Um, yes. It's tillwehave at gmail, for those of you who don't know.

Aaaaand it's still not even 2:30 yet. Ugh.

Okay, fine, I guess I have other work I can do. Hmph.
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So here's the deal. I need two new roommates to move in at the end of August/beginning of September. I thought I had one lined up, but she backed out yesterday, and now I'm starting to panic a little bit. I have a craigslist ad posted right here with most of the details, but if you'd rather read this entry and get more information than you ever wanted, here you go:

The lease goes from September 1 2011 through August 31 2012. Rent is $533/month per person, and they ask for first and last months' rent up front. The apartment is located in the Oak Square area of Brighton, MA. It's the first floor of an older house; there are 3 bedrooms, and the two that are open are on the smaller side but have mad closet space. There's also a TON of storage space both in the living room/sitting area and in the basement. The kitchen is HUGE and has a pantry, we have our own washer and dryer (and they're free) in the basement, and there's also a three-season porch in the back of the house for our use.

Trust me, it's awesome. I'll post pictures down below.

All utilities except water are our responsibility. Gas and electric never get crazy expensive, unless we leave all the lights on and cook every night, and internet is also affordable. All told, you're probably going to end up paying less than $600/month between rent and bills.

The only big expensive thing about the place is that it's oil heat. The tank gets filled 2-3 times during the winter, and the last time we had it filled it cost us $285 per person (the price fluctuates, obviously). I am being completely up front about this because I know it's not an ideal situation.

There're 3 or 4 different bus lines that run by us, not to mention the express buses that go right into downtown and Government Center. There are also 3 grocery stores and a Target in the area, all within a 10-15 minute drive, if that (all are also accessible by bus).

THIS IS IMPORTANT: the landlady does not want any pets. It sucks, I know, but that's how it is. Also no smokers, but if you're going to, I trust you'd do it outside and clean up after yourself. I've lived with smokers most of my life, so I personally don't care as long as it doesn't happen inside.

I'm not comfortable living with men, so I'm looking to live with women. Uh, pretty much if you're willing to help keep the common areas neat and tidy, I'm cool with you.

About me - I'm a twentysomething fangirl, I work downtown, I'm an awkward turtle, and I like video games and reading and music and movies. Also: wine. I'm quiet and respectful. Occasionally I'll have a friend or two over, and maybe I'll have a larger party once in a blue moon, nothing crazy. All in all, I'm pretty chill. I can provide character references if you want.

...that's pretty much it. Feel free to email me with any questions, or if you're interested at all in rooming with me. Please use my non-fandom&friends email address for this; it's <3

Here, have some photos of the place: )


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