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I'm more tired than I really have any right to be, but it's cool, I have coffee, which I'm sure will kick in at any moment now. >:( My brain doesn't want to function properly, so I think this calls for a list of sorts. Or maybe multiple lists. I don't know.

...maybe just one list of random things. That sounds about my speed right now.


-[ profile] starsparkle333 and I cleaned the apartment this weekend! Huzzah!
-Sometime in the near future, I need to replace my DVD player. It's decided that all discs are the wrong disc, which is not conducive to watching things. In its defense, I've had it for almost 3 years now and it was SUPER cheap when I bought it, so. Oh well. Maybe I'll spring for one of slightly better quality this time around.
-Since it's National Poetry Month, I decided to post a poem every day on tumblr like I did last year. April 1 was Hug O'War (Shel Silverstein), April 2 was Archaeology (Vona Groarke), and April 3 (today) was Autumn Tune (Carol Frost).
-After work this Friday, I'm heading down to CT to meet baby Evan! SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. Am spending the whole weekend with them, too. It'll be nice and low-key, methinks.
-Need to get back into my writing projects, like yesterday. /o\
-Baby blanket number 2 is coming along, though. \o/
-Finished reading From Westminster With Love this morning. I was giggling SO MUCH, you guys. I love fics where Charles is a ridiculous flirt and Erik's life is the hardest as a result, okay? Also it was really well-written!

Should probably go do some work now. Happy Tuesday, all!
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I don't even know how far along in the process I am for realsies, but here is a picture of the baby blanket I'm making for Jen -

Cut for size )

Becca told me to get 3 skeins of yarn but that I wouldn't need all of them? And I just started the 2nd skein last weekend. So I think I'm doing pretty well - I mean, Jen's not due until March, which means I've got time. The bottom of the blanket makes it perfectly obvious that I'm a novice knitter to anyone with an eye for these things (when I showed it to Mom when she visited in October - "Oh, messed up the pattern here, you realize that?" "Yes, Mother, perfectly aware, thanks." "Just making sure. Nice, otherwise."), but I think my second blanket will be much prettier.

Since I'm more or less on schedule, and Andrea's not due until April anyway, I might try my hand at a scarf or two once I finish this one. IDK. Something less...bulky. There's just so much blanket to maneuver right now. XD

Anyway. I'm going to try to be productive now. I make no guarantees, really, but I ought to at least poke at things. I'm just so TIRED. :\


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