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This weekend we had Florida (a.k.a. [ profile] momebie and [ profile] barbed_whispers) visiting, and despite the fact that I was exhausted and cranky from the last few weeks of work, I ended up having an AWESOME time. We did brunch at this cafe/bookstore on Newbury Street on Saturday morning (decent food! friendly waitstaff! books! I would definitely go back there at some point!), and then I went home to nap and do some work things.

Yesterday morning I met up with [ profile] mcwonthelottery, [ profile] sky_was_green, [ profile] metonymy, [ profile] pocky_slash, KL, and Lisa at Park Street where we embarked on our own special version of the Freedom Trail, which was dubbed Jerk Tour. Becca spent a lot of time editing the Freedom Trail guide to fit our particular brand of humor, and she did a kick-ass job of leading all of us jerklings around the city. If you follow any/all of us on Twitter, you were probably inundated with quotes and pictures for four and a half hours as we wandered through Beacon Hill, the Common, a couple graveyards, Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market, and other places. It was excellent times, all around, let me tell you.

Some favorites -

"The unicorn IS Boston?"
"No, the unicorn OF Boston."
"Okay. I had some issues with that metaphor."
"We're horny and a little mythical."


"I'm really concerned about these tombstones three deep."
"They had OT3s back then too, guys."


"Fuck you, hungry poor people!"
"You're in America now--you pay full price."


"Iamanoppressedcolumn dot tumblr dot com."


"'There were so few slaves left in Massachusetts that slavery was abolished.' We got rid of slaves...ery!"


"I said 'erected,' Margaret. You had one job to do!"
"Sorry, I was singing Brick House."
"I'll allow it."


"::points to circle on ground:: This is the site of the Boston Massacre."
"::everyone immediately steps inside it::"


"Not the last time the phrase 'baby I need your underwear for America' got a girl out of her pants."


And so on. :D

But now we're back at work, and everything is terrible. I have a metric fuckton of stuff to do today and no will to do it. I have to call some number this afternoon after 3 to find out if I actually have to show up to jury duty tomorrow. REALLY hoping I don't, but preparing for the worst. (Yes, I know this is my civic duty. But it's super inconvenient, okay? And I'm allowed to complain about it. Whatever.)

How are all of you, friends? Everybody still in one piece? Hopefully?

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