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Fandom PSA!

open to everyone dec 9 - dec 22!
click for more details!

(ALSO, [ profile] tw_holidays continues to post new stories every day! There have been some really excellent fics posted so far, and there are more coming up soon!)
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So [ profile] secret_mutant reveals went up! [ profile] rakehell_leader is the person responsible for the ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY WONDERFUL fic I received (which I linked to in this entry a few days ago, oh my god). I couldn't be happier or more grateful - it's truly a lovely piece, and it still makes my heart go all achy. <333

Uh, I ended up writing four stories altogether, three of which have been reposted at [ profile] hardlyabird and AO3.

Lover, Come Hover for [ profile] chiasmus, set in a non-powered modern AU - in which Charles is nervous about meeting Erik's old law school friends and needs some reassurance.

There's a Hope for [ profile] big_banggang, where I just sort of ignored Cuba and made Erik and Charles have a snowball fight and then share a scarf.

It's Only Xenobiology, Darling for [ profile] averzierlia, who wanted human!Erik encountering worstVulcanever!Charles.

I also wrote In the Night Life for [ profile] nakedfiction, which is a fusion with the Parasol Protectorate series. I haven't reposted it anywhere for the very specific reason of it's not actually finished. Like, it stands on its own, no worries there! But there is SO MUCH MORE to be added to it. I've actually written another thousand or so words that just didn't make it to this version, mostly about bb!Charles playing chess with Professor Lyall, which I thought would confuse the fuck out of people if they haven't read the books already. So those scenes were cut for the exchange's purposes. The full story will appear in the future. Nebulous future, mind, but...yeah. *hand wave*

I just want to thank and give coffee and chocolate to [ profile] pocky_slash for running the whole thing. She is the queen of all things mutant-related, got it? And you should all give her virtual hugs immediately. YOU'RE THE BEST, KAIT. <333

And now I'm gonna go read some of the comics I picked up earlier. \o/
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Despite the fact that I'm not really reading fic all that much right now, I thought I ought to read my [ profile] secret_mutant gift since it was posted this morning. I am SO GLAD I did, too. It is precisely the sort of bitter/dark/twisty/emotional wreck of a story that I needed right now, friends. It's incredibly painful and beautiful - and if that's your thing, you should definitely head over and read it, okay?

The Real Meeting, by anon. Charles/Erik, R. Some wounds never seem to heal, especially for Charles, and sometimes grief seems like an ever-present companion.

I was also the most pleased by the C.S. Lewis quotes at the beginning and end. And now I have to go read Out of the Silent Planet again. It's been too long.
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So, in my head, Charles Xavier is super bad at games that aren't chess. Maybe checkers is okay, but he just really sucks at card and board games. And then I decided that they'd have game tournaments with really high stakes (like, cookies and candy) while they were cooped up in the mansion on rainy days.

So have ~500 words of, uh, that. )
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So, announcement: I'm not writing Daycare 'Verse anymore. The Big Bang is mostly finished at this point (my parts are done, anyway), posting is next week, and there's an end to it. But [ profile] pocky_slash has tons of exciting and adorable things planned, so I hope you're all excited for that, and don't forget to check the BB out when it's up!

Aaaand that's all I have for you. :D?


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