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I had so many plans for this weekend. I was going to be productive! Really! But mostly I played WoW and avoided looking at the giant management guide Tamara and Doug want me to read in preparation for when they try to talk the AVP into paying for my PMP course and exam.

Gaming > career. Because that's a healthy way to live.

Cut because I highly doubt most of you care about my in-game life. )

This weekend some friends and various internet acquaintances were at Wiscon, and the panels they live-tweeted sounded really interesting and made me jealous that I wasn't there basking in other people's intelligence. Cons aren't my thing usually (I've been to exactly two), and I get overwhelmed by masses of people pretty easily these days, but [ profile] pocky_slash tells me Wiscon sets up quiet rooms and the like? So I'm seriously considering going next year. I'm not 100% committed to it yet, but it's at least a possibility at this point.

Last night I went through my memory box and cleaned out some things that I have no particular attachment to anymore. I didn't mean to do this - I only opened it to put my recent movie ticket stubs in, but there were some things on the top that immediately made me unhappy, so I sorted through the rest. One of the things I threw out was a letter an ex-friend wrote to me during class (from the contents, I surmised that I was away in Arizona at the time). I was confused as to why I still had it, because I stopped being friends with this guy halfway through sophomore year, but reading through it made me wonder why we were ever friends with him to begin with. I had to text Ashley about it, naturally, and we shared a what the actual fuck, younger selves? moment.

I also found my high school yearbook photo. Good golly, my hair was long when I was 18. Oh, and I guess I still had some other things left over from high school in there? Which found their way into the trash, too. Ain't nobody got time for that shit.

Going to try to make some progress on at least one writing project tonight. I'm still avoiding the big bang for now, so I'm not entirely sure what else I want to work on. Quick, someone decide for me!

Back to work, I guess. :(

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So I totally didn't mean to play WoW for four hours last night, but I did, and it turned out to be an awesome decision. Not just because I find killing things in game terribly cathartic, though, but also because a bunch of guildies were on at the same time and I guess I really needed to just spend time with them? It wasn't overly lively to the point where I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing in the game, but I was able to be a little helpful and generally felt better about myself by the time I logged off. It didn't hurt that I earned, like, six achievements and got a fucking awesome sword as a quest reward. (Like, seriously. That thing is SO COOL, and it was a massive upgrade from what I'd been using since I hit 85. I may have drooled a little bit when I first got it.)

Jay told me when I logged in that he thought I'd really like the pet battles, and to no one's surprise, I REALLY DO. It's basically in-game Pokemon - super easy, time-consuming, and a lot of fun. Pretty sure I lost most of those four hours to leveling pets and battling master trainers. Uh, but, yeah. :D!

One of the few annoying things I've noticed in the expansion, though, is that you can't fly in the 85+ zones until you hit level 90. It's only a problem for me because I rely fairly heavily on being able to drop down on mining nodes in hard-to-reach areas? So it's more of an inconvience, I guess. Also I got really pissed off that all the ghost iron ore in the area around where you drop off the Alliance airship is too high a level for you to mine right away. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. UGH.

But on the whole, Pandaria is really pretty! And the quests haven't been too awful! Except for that whole period of time where I couldn't shake Anduin even after I abandoned all of his quests, but whatever. (I hate tag-along quests, hmph.) The re-spawn time on mobs has been good but not overwhelming that I've noticed, which is nice, and the quest rewards are decent so far. Lag has been nonexistent, and there don't seem to be as many players around as there were when Cataclysm first dropped - though how much of that is phased questing and how much is people not playing, I don't know.

So, yes. Pandaria = awesome thus far. :D
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So as I discovered yesterday, Eve 6 came out with a new album recently. I hadn't realized they'd gotten back together after splitting a few years back? So it was a pleasant thing to stumble upon! They're one of my favorite bands - I totally used to beg my sisters to drive around the block a couple extra times if Inside Out came on the radio while we were in the car. Anyway, I downloaded the new tracks last night, and mostly I like them a lot. I will say that the lyrics are not as good as I was expecting, unfortunately. I mean, the words are a huge part of why I like their music so much, and these aren't quite as...witty, I guess, as their other albums are. /shrug Some of the songs are pretty damn catchy, though, so it definitely wasn't a waste of money.

I uploaded one of my favorites to tumblr last night, which you can hear here. Also, they're playing a free show somewhere in Boston on May 19th with Spin Doctors, Switchfoot, and Third Eye Blind. No, we did not travel back in time to 1997, it is still 2012. I'm debating whether or not to go - on the one hand, it's free and I've been dying to see them live for a long time; on the other, there's possibly something fannish happening that day that I don't want to miss. Decisions! I hate making them!

Moving on.

The MoP beta continues to be pretty cool! I got all the way through the new start zone last night. I spent most of that 8 level stretch cursing loudly at the game (WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE SWARMING MONKEYS THAT SPAWN ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY GAAAAAAHHHHH) (also WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE A QUEST WHERE YOU'RE ATTACHED TO A FUCKING NPC THAT BLOCKS YOUR WAY WHEN YOU TRY TO PICK UP THE QUEST ITEMS ASKNA;KNVSLKNVSLKNSKN;ASMA;), but I'm happy to announce that I finally made it to Orgimmar! And then the beta client kicked me off 3 times in 30 minutes because of critical errors (all reported), so I gave up. I'm sure that game content from here until 85 is the same, so I think I might create a level 85 toon and see what's happening in the 85+ content. Yay more levels!

Also, man, I totally forgot that the new zone is on the back of a GIANT FUCKING TURTLE. Christ, I love this game. Even when it's frustrating the ever-loving shit out of me. Which is pretty often. :D:

I'm behind on all my comics, but I keep seeing little bits here and there on Twitter about American Vampire that make me desperate to catch up. Maybe that's what I'll do on Saturday? Unf. I came to the realization that while I ADORE the story, much of the appeal stems from the art. [ profile] liveonthesun reblogged some covers Rafael Albuquerque did for Nomad: Girl Without a Home recently, and it hit me that I would pretty much read any comics he draws for, no questions asked. I just like his art a lot, okay? Shut up.

Exhibit A: American Vampire #24 cover )

Exhibit B: Catwoman o___o )

Exhibit C: Nomad! )

So pretty. *____* I really only have incomprehensible flailing and keysmashing for you at this point, so I'll spare you. >.>

I started a new Steve/Tony fic the other day because I fail at staying focused on one project at a time. I got the idea for it from Incredible Hulk (which was SO BORING, how could a movie about the motherfucking HULK be SO BORING, guys?), and it's probably stupid to everyone else, but whatever, Imma write this thing. Weee! :D

That's all from me, friends. *SMOOCH*
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Blah blah blah foot injury! )

Also I am savoring my first coffee since Friday. :D :D :D :D

I started playing the Mists of Pandaria beta on Friday night! I went with the new race/class combo like 99% of the other people playing, and I'm REALLY enjoying it so far. I only made it to level 4 before the server started kicking me off, but my preliminary feelings about the pandarens and the monk class are mostly positive. Obviously there are TONS of issues that need to be worked out. For example, the first quest chain involves you burning the Edict of Temperance (I wasn't paying attention as to why really), but a) there were THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS TRYING TO DO IT AT ONCE, and b) there was nothing blocking out a space in front of the edict, so you couldn't get anywhere near the fucking thing in order to complete the quest. I ended up grouping with a bunch of people (after 30 minutes of trying on my own), and like a minute later it worked and I could move on to the next thing. Ugh.

Regardless! The new zone is SUPER PRETTY. I'll have to take more screencaps next time I sign in. Also I am loving the pandaren design a LOT, oh my god:

Screencap! )

ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL? Her name is Arynna, and I love her. I'm still trying to puzzle out some of the aspects of the monk class, but the fighting style is really quite lovely to watch. Yes, I am much more likely to comment on how pretty things are instead of how functional they might be. One of these days the two will meet. I think.

Didn't play Saturday or Sunday on account of how awkward it was to elevate my foot while sitting at my desk. Actually, I didn't do much of anything beyond mainline season 1 of NCIS (and start season 2 yesterday). I edited one of the BBs a little? But I didn't write any new words. Bah. >:\

ANYWAY. How are you all doing? Anything good/bad going on, friends?
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30772 / 150000

Current number of words written so far this year! I'm 2K and change behind where I technically should be this month, but since I managed to write ~2200 yesterday, I'd say I'm in a good place at the moment. Mostly I'm just trying to plug away at all the projects I have going at the moment. Since I'm sure you're super curious, have a list of them!

Filed under my In Progress tag on gdocs, the 10 most recently edited are:

-h50 - demisexual!steve
-angel/raven florist AU
-post-peason hardman fic
-Big Bang Mixup #2
-Big Bang Mixup #1
-the most self-indulgent genderfuck romance ever
-h50 undercover whaaaat
-bingo: bloodplay
-adventuring librarian
-in the night life - PP fusion

And there's, like, 20+ other docs in that folder, too.

Uh, yeah. The demi!Steve fic is what accounts for most of my words yesterday (2053 and not really near being finished right now D:), but I also started the Angel/Raven story over again, so. Yes, I know I should be working on the BBs, but apparently I really had to write about Steve and Catherine meeting and starting their relationship and Steve trying to explain how his feelings work to her, okay? Drunkenly. Yeah. #comeatmebro

At some point this week I am going to see if I can access the Mists of Pandaria beta. Saw the list of new features and got REALLY EXCITED about them this morning (11 character slots! new class! a bunch of other cool things that mean nothing to most of you!). I haven't actually played in a while, though - been kind of busy between family things and writing and reading and watching TV, but I'm a little itchy to start up again. Also I...decided to do a faction change on Alundi (once I have the extra cash to do so) so I can run more dungeons and raids with Heriotze. Probably going to make her into a draenei? There aren't that many races that can be paladins, and I'm not really keen on being a human or a dwarf, so my choice is limited. But whatever - purple goat people! Meeeeeh!

But mostly I'm excited to get to futz around with the pandaren. *____*

Anyway. No word on the baby yet. I am tired for a variety of reasons, and also work is driving me crazy today. But it's gorgeous out, so that counts for something, right? Right. \o/
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I finally got around to ordering Snow Leopard on Sunday, and apparently it's already waiting for me at home! \o/ I can't wait for my baby to be all updated and shiny again. Also: Chrome! and the most recent version of iTunes! It's gonna be super sweet, you don't even know. (Of course, it's going to have to wait until late tonight since I'm meeting up with [ profile] max_n_leo for dinner before she heads back down to Virginia. Social life, bah. Who needs it.)


Very carefully kept tally of where I was with XP and how much I'd get for completing dailies/quests, etc. until I figured out what it would take to trip it. I ended up playing for longer than I probably should have, but it was totally worth it to see Alundi go all shiny for a few seconds and the achievement to come up. The only thing that's weird now is not seeing the blue/purple progress bar above my spells. But whatever! I made the cap! A year(ish) before the new expansion is due out even!

*bouncy bouncy*

Still plugging away at various fic projects to varying degrees of success. I haven't been reading much in any of my fandoms recently. It's a combination of not being interested in most things that have been posted in the last few weeks (with a few exceptions), and being a lot burned out and annoyed by people in fandom at large. *shrug* Think I just need to ignore it all and concentrate on writing for a while. This is a good plan, y/y?

Anyway. That's the State of the Margaret, except for how I'm making my way through all the free shitty sci-fi novels Amazon offers, and that is a story for another time. (Oh my god, though. So shitty, you guys. But, you know, the one I finished last night was bad* AND YET I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NEXT TWO BOOKS. WHICH ARE NOT FREE. THIS IS HOW THE DESCENT INTO MADNESS BEGINS, ISN'T IT.)

Uh, right. Happy Thursday, all!

*For one, I feel like a person who grew up on an Earth where all animal species died out/were hunted into extinction and the oceans were practically dry wouldn't know what shark skin felt like to the touch. But maybe that's just me.
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Dragonmaw Clan. I didn't realize how easy it would be to get enough rep with them - I actually made it all the way to honored before I remembered I only needed to be friendly to get the tabard. Uh, anyway. Achievement acquired! I rule the world!

So I never ran dailys on a regular basis because I didn't see the point before? But today I did the fishing and cooking quests in Thunder Bluff because, well, I was there and it was basically free XP. I'm...ridiculously close to hitting 85, any XP I can get is welcome, and the gold you receive doesn't hurt either. Regardless, the fishing daily made me giggle; I had to fish 2 amorous mud snappers and 2 randy smallfish from a nearby lake.

Screencaps. )

I love this game.

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I'm trying to get this achievement in WoW where you obtain 10 different tabards on a single toon. Guild tabards are easy to come by, but the rest you need to build rep for or collect marks/sigils/special coins. They honestly don't mean much, but if you're wearing, say, the Undercity tabard, any rep you gain running dungeons or whatever goes to building more rep for that particular organization. More rep means you can buy other shiny things specific to that city/group - mounts, pets, whatever.

I realized this morning that I was at least friendly if not honored with a BUNCH of the regular groups, plus I already had the guild and explorer tabards. (Doug was all, "Really? You just now realize this?" SHUT UP, DOUG, I WAS BUSY.) Anyway, this evening I managed to get SEVEN MORE TABARDS (using this handy website), bringing me to 9. Unfortunately I'm just shy of qualifying for a couple others, so. Sigh. More rep farming for Margaret, I guess.

Anyway. I put all of them on Alundi and took some caps because that's what I do. Under the cut!

My blood elf paladin is the best (and prettiest) blood elf paladin. )

I think the Undercity and Silvermoon tabards are the prettiest of this bunch, but I'm tickled pink by the bomb on Bilgewater's. XD

Hit 84 with her tonight, so I guess once I get through Twilight Highlands I'll go back to Hyjal or something and attempt to get my 10th. Then maybe I'll run dungeons a lot and see if I can raise my reps to exalted? That'll be fun. And, you know, something to do besides play the auction house and raise my cooking and fishing levels. :D?

ETA: Ohhh I forgot that Winter Veil quests start on Thursday. HUZZAH! More ~free XP! Kind of!
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So there's this weird part of me that's super excited for WoW to add the pet battles function to the game. I know it's not happening until the Mists of Pandaria expansion (I think that's when it's scheduled?), but the happiness and joy, they are present today. It's probably lame of me, because who wants what is essentially Pokemon mixed into their Warcraft? *raises hand* SORRY, I JUST THINK IT'S ADORABLE. Plus, it'll give me something productive to do while I whine and complain about leveling! Leveling is hard! So are achievements!

But, you know. A whole new race thing is exciting, too. A race of pandas, and they can be played in either faction. There is NOTHING not awesome about that. Don't really care about the new class, though. :\

Uh, yeah. Patch 4.3 came out yesterday, and while I remembered to download it last night, I haven't actually opened the game yet to see what's different. Doug tells me there's a bag search bar now? Which is pretty useless, for me anyway (I keep my bags almost empty most of the time, unless I'm hip deep in quests and can't get to a vendor to sell down, or the auction house, depending), I don't know how other people feel about it. And then a raid finder, but I've been on exactly 1 raid in the entire time I've played, so that's useless to me, too.

I'll have to see what else is new next time I have a spare couple of hours to play. I am SO CLOSE to hitting 83 on Alundi (for clarification: I am in Deepholm right now, where I spend most of my time wanting to shoot myself in the face. Seriously one of the most boring zones ever). Maybe I'll actually max out the levels before Pandaria? Kind of ambitious, I know!

And if I wasn't going to a concert on Saturday, I'd be running Ahn Qiraj with the guild and leveling Mal. *sigh* *wonders where this social life came from*

La la la, gaming! And avoiding answering emails from providers! La la la!


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